Horse Riding Boots: Paddock Boots

Some accessories that evolved with horse riding over the years have become style statements, especially the riding boots. With time, riding boots have also changed. The classic boots for riding were high enough to prevent the direct friction from the saddle, and had robust toe to provide enough protection. The most visually appealing element was the heal. It was high and helped prevent the foot from slipping through stirrup.

The boots based on the function further branched out. A number of different styles became the norm in different situations. For example, hunting boots had the structure running up to knees, protecting legs while riding in dense vegetation-full environment; similarly, for pleasure riding different boots came into existence. Most popular riding boots are Field boots and Paddock boots.

Field boots: As the name suggests, these boots were worn by military field officers. They have laces at the vamp to be accommodating and comfortable to different individuals, who use shorter stirrup for better clearance. They are a standard accessory for hunting and show jumping. However, with design especially suited for riding, they are not applicable to work conditions, making them highly uncomfortable to walk-in.

Paddock boots

Paddock boots: Designed to suit pleasure riding and everyday use, paddock boots have great functionality in comparison to other boots that developed over the time, for riding. They are ankle length, have an extra visual outer-layer on the toe and were originally designed to offer better protection. In fashion industry, they have become a rage, worn frequently with jeans and women even wear them with skirts.

These hugely popular boots can be ordered from The exclusive brand name Grewal Equestrian®, manufactures classic and starter boots. Boots for women comes with laces, and these leather uppers are made from full-grain leather. The leather is waterproof which makes it highly durable and utilitarian. The inner of boots is made from moisture wicking and breathable fabric, which provides comfort while riding. The other design available is the starter leather boot. They are styled with a punched toe cap. Unlike classic paddock boots, these synthetic boots  are easy to put on as they have elasticized gussets and a zippered front pocket.

Turnout Blankets and Stable Blanket for Horses

A common topic among horse lovers is whether horses need blankets to keep them warm. Many argue horses are naturally conferred with the ability to tolerate harsh cold weather. The counter argument is that the human intervention has changed their natural mechanism. Although the first argument is true to some degree, the counter argument presents better insight. The perpetual breeding, change in habitats, diet, and grooming have produced a set of horses who on their own cannot live through severe winter. They need continuous care from their human friends, including blankets during bad weather, though sometimes, blankets are used for specific purposes, such as keeping horse’s hair short, and to provide an optimum body temperature after a strenuous workout.

However, blankets for horses are divided broadly into turnout and stable blankets. Both types are available at our website,

Turnout Blankets

As the name suggests, they are worn when horses turn out either for show, pasturing, or ride in severe weather. Different weather demands different blankets, which vary in thickness, fabric, with or without filling, and special patches such as tail cover. The common feature among all types of turnout blankets is durability as they are worn frequently, allowing unfettered movement. To impart this feature in our blankets, we use ballistic weave nylon to manufacture these blankets. Nylon provides great water and wind proofing attributes. A 300-gram fiber insulates horses from adverse winter, still making it light and flexible enough for unhindered movement of horses.

Stable Blankets

The purpose of these blankets is to provide warmness during winter to horses in the closed, regulated environment of a stable. It may seem that any blanket would do the job, however, horse lovers know the sweating pattern of horses and consequences it can have when not managed carefully. Caregivers have to make sure that stable blankets allow moisture vapor to wick away from horse. We have made sure that our specially designed blankets serve this purpose. Our blankets are durable; as they are doubly sewn at stress points and additional reinforcement are put into the design.

Blankets for Horses to Endure Winters

Although evolution has bestowed horses with a natural insulating mechanism to withstand winter, they still need care from humans to live healthily during this period. Winter chills bring deadly respiratory infection with it; out of those, most common is pneumonia. The best way to protect your colt against these weather-specific diseases is to provide cozy horse blankets.

One-stop destination for different types of high-quality equestrian blankets is, where you can order them with a few clicks.

Below are some of the blankets that you can order from us to keep your equine friend warm and comfortable during this period:

Stable blanket: To keep your horses warm and cozy in stables during winter, use our heavy stable blankets which are finely designed and made with top-quality material. Their design allows vapor from moisture to disperse away from horse, helping to regulate sweating, which, if not taken care of, can start shivering in winter and can cause pulmonary infections. The blanket retains body heat and repels chills with its stress-points double sewn fabric with additional reinforcement, which helps prevent tears. A 300 gram fiber fill makes sure the insulation is optimum. For better fit, it has adjustable leg straps and double strap front.

Turnout blanket: To protect horses when they are in the open for show, pasturing, or ride in cold weather, we have heavy-duty turnout blankets. It is made from ballistic weave nylon to withstand daily wear and tear. The outer nylon lining also offers superior water and wind proofing properties. The fill is a 300-gram fiber, specially developed to protect your horse even in adverse conditions that winter brings. With great insulation, it also provides great flexibility.

Grewal Classic Fleece Cooler: To cool your horse down slowly after a strenuous workout during winters, use our Classic Fleece Cooler. It has been found that soft fleece wicks moisture in half the time of other fabrics, and looks elegant too. It is made with luxuriously soft material and still durable enough for everyday use. Our cooler is machine washable, and comes with quick grip fasteners, a tail rope cord, wave fleece banding and nickel-plated hardware.

Horse Grooming Mitts and Gloves, and Curry Brushes

Proper grooming is necessary for your equine friend to stay healthy and be comfortable.At Gary Equestrian, we have a wide range of horse grooming tools that are durable yet highly functional and offer good value for money.

On our website, you can order a host of horse care products. Not to bore you, we are discussing just a few of them below.

Curry Brush

curry brush
Our Soft Rubber Face Curry brush is oval-shaped which is made from solid rubber and features soft bristles.These bristles are great for removing light dust and hairs from the horse’s face and other sensitive areas. This curry brush is an excellent option for thin-skinned or sensitive horses.

Super Groom Horse Brush

super groom

Use Grewal Equestrian Super Groom Horse Brush to remove dirt and dust from the coat of your horse. The product features soft filaments that are even capable of removing fine dust, shavings and hay. This hard plastic brush handle is durable, ergonomic, and easy to grip.

Rubber Horse Grooming Mitt

Rubber Horse Grooming Mitt

This mitt is an excellent choice to take care of your horse at shedding time and to scrub the animal during a bath. Available in attractive colors, the glove has a fingerless design that allows water to flow though the mitt without getting trapped inside.

Comfy Grooming Glove

Comfy Grooming Glove
Grewal Equestrian Comfy Grooming Glove has a dotted surface that is perfect to give your horse a gentle massage and provides a comforting action. You can use either your left or right hand to do this, as this product has been designed to fit either of the hands. Made up of rubber, use this mitt to remove shedding hair quickly and form lather during baths.

You will find many more high quality horse grooming products at our website Order today and we will make sure you have an unforgettable experience. Please note that equestrian experts and horse enthusiasts hand pick the products that we sell. We work tirelessly to provide unmatched customer satisfaction that is why we also offer 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Summer Tack Checklist: Fly Protection Essentials

The advent of summer brings several challenges to horses and horse owners, one of them being the flies. These bugs snack on blood and can cause nasty bites. They also gather in the corner of horse’s eyes to drink the fluid –this can potentially cause infection as flies carry bacteria. The animal may also become agitated, trying to ward off the insects.

Grewal Equestrian has a range of summer stable essentials, including fly sheets, fly boots and fly masks, which you and your horse will love.

Fly Sheet

Fly sheets offer great insect protection for horses during the summer. Our line of fly sheets is made from polyester mesh or heavy PVC mesh for durability and is reasonably priced. These products work wonders for horses that break out in hives due to fly irritation. This soft and absorbent fabric wick horses’ sweat—the main attraction of flies. Some other salient features of our fly sheets are shoulder gusset with nylon lining, adjustable belly bands, twin chest straps and Sherpa withers. The fly sheets are available in several sizes; please measure your horse before ordering.

Fly Masks

Available in two variants: with or without ears, Fly Masks offer great protection against flies and sunburn. These masks are manufactured from smooth and breathable materials, and are designed for comfort and durability. The product features three hole caps for ears and forelock that provides stability, while the hook and loop closure hold the mask securely in place. It is also suitable for horses that have sensitive ears.

Fly Boots

Top of the line Grewal Natural Fly Boots are perfect summer tack essentials for horses to prevent them from stomping and protect their lower legs from irritating insects and bites. Their contoured design, refined hook and loop closures hold the boots securely, offering maximum comfort and protection.For maximum durability and functionality fly boots are manufactured from PVC mesh.

You will find a range of top notch products at Grewal Equestrian to care for your animal in the summer. Equestrian experts and horse enthusiastshand pick the products that we sell. Cent percent customer satisfaction is our mantra and that is why we also offer 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Essential Tips for Procuring Long Lasting and Comfortable Horse Halter?

Horse halters are harnesses that are fitted around a horse’s head with the purpose of securing control over the animal. They are usually made of leather but are also available in other types of materials for various purposes. A horse halter is essentially a communication tool between a handler and a horse, which is why it is important to select the right type of horse halters. The halters are fitted with lead ropes which are provided to guide a horse in a specific direction by applying pressure. The handler tugs the rope signaling the horse to either move forward or backward.

What are the types of halters available?

There are three main kinds of halters. The rope halter is used for training horses. There are knots tied in specific areas of the horse’s head that have pressure points. The pressure points are the pole, nose and jaw line. The pressure applied on these areas ensures that the horse responds well to training.

The other types of halters include show halters that are usually very pretty and feature a mesh of straps. Regular halters are made from nylon or leather and are ideal for daily use.

What are the parameters for selecting a good horse halter?

There are several factors to consider when selecting a horse halter for your horse. You must choose a halter that fits the horse perfectly and must be made of a material which is sturdy and comfortable. In addition, remember the style and the material must not hurt or scare the animal.

Take the measurement of the horse head while purchasing the halter. There are different sizes of halters in the market. Most halters are adjustable but it is wise to have an idea about the size that will fit well since there are around four different sizes of halters available.

Halters must not be too tight or too loose. Halters that fit too tight will dig into a horse’s head causing discomfort while if it is loose then objects might get themselves lodged in the space between the head and straps.

The best way to select a halter is to ask the manufacturer to provide you with samples of different halters of varying sizes and try them out. You can also get halters customized in a particular design.

Quintessential Stable Accessories- Fly Sheets and Equestrian Winter Boots

Flies and fleas are a major concern for horses and their handlers. This means with the advent of springtime, you must gear up to protect your beloved animals. There are several types of fly sprays and fly traps but these will prevent flea infestations only for a period of time, which is why you ought to get a fly sheet for horse.

Types of Fly Sheets

It is prudent to consider getting a fly sheet for your horse before summer sets in. Just like any other blankets you must measure your horse properly before getting one. They must fit the animal perfectly. For the most part, there are two types of sheets available; scrim and turnout sheets. The scrim fly sheet for horse is fitted on the animal while it is in the stable. These are loose sheets thrown on the horse and are not wrapped tightly. Flies are usually attracted to sweat. The scrims prevent sweat, which in turn effectively controls flies from being attracted to the horse.

The second type of blanket is a turnout sheet. This is used when the horse is out in the pastures. They are tightly strapped into the body of the horse. These sheets are usually made from waterproof material. There are some types of fly sheets that are UV resistant. This means that they act as coolers during heat waves in summer.

What kind of boots should you get for riding in winter?

Other than fly sheets and blankets for your horses, you ought to get a good pair of equestrian winter boots and gloves as part of your riding gear. These are readily available online at stores that sell riding gear while you can also have been customized. Experts recommend that you use waterproof and insulated equestrian winter boots and gloves. The material must be sturdy and breathable. It is also important that the boots give you good grip while you are out riding in wintry weather. Choose boots that give you great comfort and fit perfectly. Since there are various designs and styles available choosing the perfect boot is not going to be difficult.

How to Choose the Perfect Winter Accessories for Horses

There are several types of winter horse blankets available for various situations. Typically a horse owner will have to consider the weather of his/her locality before procuring blankets for the horses. Depending on the weather you can either get a lightweight, medium weight or heavy weight blanket.

Types of horse blankets

The heavy and medium weight blankets have a filling whereas lightweight winter horse blankets are just sheets. Lightweight blankets are perfect horses which live in areas where winter is moderate. However, if you experience colder winters and snow then it would be prudent to choose either a medium weight or the heavy weight blanket.

When selecting a blanket you must refer to the denier number that is printed on the garment label. This number will give you the size of the yarn where the bigger the number the heavier the fiber. If you have young horses in your stable that are always ripping their blankets while romping and playing around, make sure to get winter horse blankets with higher deniers. They are sturdier and tear-proof. Moreover, if your horse spends plenty of time out in the field in wintry weather then you must it would be wise to choose a turn out blanket which comes with waterproof yarn.

How to choose a good riding boot

For a great riding experience in winter you must have two other items in wardrobe. One is a good pair of leather gloves and the other is waterproof paddock boots. Both must have waterproof linings. Choose from materials that are comfortable, sturdy and breathable. They must keep your hand and feet sufficiently warm so that you can communicate with your horse freely which is very important to keep it under your control.

There are different types of waterproof paddock boots available in the market. You must have multiple pairs for different wintry conditions. In addition, it is important to select boots that do not compromise your ride-comfort so make sure to choose a style accordingly.

Important Daily-Use Horse Accessories

For daily grooming you will need different kinds of horse grooming brushes. It is prudent to buy a proper grooming kit, which will contain all the different types of brushes that you will need. Buying brushes separately might not suit your purpose. Before selecting a grooming kit you must check the item list of each kit. The kit must contain a comprehensive range of tools for regular cleaning and maintenance of horses.

Grooming Brushes and Their Uses

There are at least 4 different types of horse grooming brushes given in a particular kit. A hard bristle brush is typically used to detangle hair. You will also get a soft bristle brush to dust out dirt from a horse’s coat. A metal brush to pluck out fleas and a special kind of brush for manes and tails are also included in a grooming kit.

Factors That Must be Considered While Choosing Nosebands

Another very important item is a noseband. Selection of a particular design will depend on a number of factors. If your horse is still undergoing training, the handler will need horse nosebands that will help him exert control over the animal. However if the animal is well trained and responds to the commands properly then a different kind of noseband must be purchased. Never get a design that might hurt an animal.

Moreover while purchasing horse nosebands you must consider the material. Materials must be sturdy as well as comfortable. You can customize and combine designs for horse nosebands for the comfort of the animal. Most manufacturers offer customization but specially designed products are not cost effective. Usually nosebands are made of leather. However the quality of leather as well as the price varies a great deal. You can purchase nosebands online but you must ask the manufacturer to provide you with samples so that you can judge the item up close before ordering them.

Handy Tools for Upkeep and Protection of Horses

If you take care of horses you must have proper grooming equipments at your disposal to keep your animal clean, prevent flea infestations and diseases. You will be surprised to find the amount of dirt and grime on a horse’s coat after it trots back to your stable. At the end of every hard day of outdoor activity some form of basic grooming is essential if you want to keep you horse in top condition.

What does grooming kits contain?

One of the best alternatives is to buy a grooming kit for horses. These kits have different types of brushes and tools, sweat scrapers, tail and mane brush, scrubbing gloves as well as certain tools for flea eradiation and hoof cleaning. Soft brushes usually get rid of the dirt and grime. You must also have certain hard bristle brush to smoothen out hair entanglement and root out fleas. For regular grooming, brushing is more than enough. However, you will have to bathe your horse with proper medicated soaps every once in a while. Use scrubbing gloves to get the grime out of the coat. Grooming kits for horses are very easily available online as well as in local stores that sell stable equipment.

How to select a heavy stable blanket for horse?

Horses remain exposed to extreme weather conditions like chilling cold, heavy slush, torrential rains and dry dusty winds. Most importantly the fragile walls of the stables seldom provide protection from these external conditions. This is the reason why you must get a heavy stable blanket for horse also popularly called horse rugs. These rugs can be secured wrapped around the body of the horse and held in its place with straps. It is better to get a heavy stable blanket for horse that will give all round protection. Get a rug which has proper insulation against cold and can protect horses from fleas, dust mites and water.

You can also get different rugs for different seasons and purposes. Summer rugs are made from light materials that protect the body from fleas and helps cool the body down after an active day in blistering sun, while sturdy materials and heavy protection blankets give warmth and comfort during the cold winter months.