If you take care of horses you must have proper grooming equipments at your disposal to keep your animal clean, prevent flea infestations and diseases. You will be surprised to find the amount of dirt and grime on a horse’s coat after it trots back to your stable. At the end of every hard day of outdoor activity some form of basic grooming is essential if you want to keep you horse in top condition.

What does grooming kits contain?

One of the best alternatives is to buy a grooming kit for horses. These kits have different types of brushes and tools, sweat scrapers, tail and mane brush, scrubbing gloves as well as certain tools for flea eradiation and hoof cleaning. Soft brushes usually get rid of the dirt and grime. You must also have certain hard bristle brush to smoothen out hair entanglement and root out fleas. For regular grooming, brushing is more than enough. However, you will have to bathe your horse with proper medicated soaps every once in a while. Use scrubbing gloves to get the grime out of the coat. Grooming kits for horses are very easily available online as well as in local stores that sell stable equipment.

How to select a heavy stable blanket for horse?

Horses remain exposed to extreme weather conditions like chilling cold, heavy slush, torrential rains and dry dusty winds. Most importantly the fragile walls of the stables seldom provide protection from these external conditions. This is the reason why you must get a heavy stable blanket for horse also popularly called horse rugs. These rugs can be secured wrapped around the body of the horse and held in its place with straps. It is better to get a heavy stable blanket for horse that will give all round protection. Get a rug which has proper insulation against cold and can protect horses from fleas, dust mites and water.

You can also get different rugs for different seasons and purposes. Summer rugs are made from light materials that protect the body from fleas and helps cool the body down after an active day in blistering sun, while sturdy materials and heavy protection blankets give warmth and comfort during the cold winter months.