There are several types of winter horse blankets available for various situations. Typically a horse owner will have to consider the weather of his/her locality before procuring blankets for the horses. Depending on the weather you can either get a lightweight, medium weight or heavy weight blanket.

Types of horse blankets

The heavy and medium weight blankets have a filling whereas lightweight winter horse blankets are just sheets. Lightweight blankets are perfect horses which live in areas where winter is moderate. However, if you experience colder winters and snow then it would be prudent to choose either a medium weight or the heavy weight blanket.

When selecting a blanket you must refer to the denier number that is printed on the garment label. This number will give you the size of the yarn where the bigger the number the heavier the fiber. If you have young horses in your stable that are always ripping their blankets while romping and playing around, make sure to get winter horse blankets with higher deniers. They are sturdier and tear-proof. Moreover, if your horse spends plenty of time out in the field in wintry weather then you must it would be wise to choose a turn out blanket which comes with waterproof yarn.

How to choose a good riding boot

For a great riding experience in winter you must have two other items in wardrobe. One is a good pair of leather gloves and the other is waterproof paddock boots. Both must have waterproof linings. Choose from materials that are comfortable, sturdy and breathable. They must keep your hand and feet sufficiently warm so that you can communicate with your horse freely which is very important to keep it under your control.

There are different types of waterproof paddock boots available in the market. You must have multiple pairs for different wintry conditions. In addition, it is important to select boots that do not compromise your ride-comfort so make sure to choose a style accordingly.