Flies and fleas are a major concern for horses and their handlers. This means with the advent of springtime, you must gear up to protect your beloved animals. There are several types of fly sprays and fly traps but these will prevent flea infestations only for a period of time, which is why you ought to get a fly sheet for horse.

Types of Fly Sheets

It is prudent to consider getting a fly sheet for your horse before summer sets in. Just like any other blankets you must measure your horse properly before getting one. They must fit the animal perfectly. For the most part, there are two types of sheets available; scrim and turnout sheets. The scrim fly sheet for horse is fitted on the animal while it is in the stable. These are loose sheets thrown on the horse and are not wrapped tightly. Flies are usually attracted to sweat. The scrims prevent sweat, which in turn effectively controls flies from being attracted to the horse.

The second type of blanket is a turnout sheet. This is used when the horse is out in the pastures. They are tightly strapped into the body of the horse. These sheets are usually made from waterproof material. There are some types of fly sheets that are UV resistant. This means that they act as coolers during heat waves in summer.

What kind of boots should you get for riding in winter?

Other than fly sheets and blankets for your horses, you ought to get a good pair of equestrian winter boots and gloves as part of your riding gear. These are readily available online at stores that sell riding gear while you can also have been customized. Experts recommend that you use waterproof and insulated equestrian winter boots and gloves. The material must be sturdy and breathable. It is also important that the boots give you good grip while you are out riding in wintry weather. Choose boots that give you great comfort and fit perfectly. Since there are various designs and styles available choosing the perfect boot is not going to be difficult.