Horse halters are harnesses that are fitted around a horse’s head with the purpose of securing control over the animal. They are usually made of leather but are also available in other types of materials for various purposes. A horse halter is essentially a communication tool between a handler and a horse, which is why it is important to select the right type of horse halters. The halters are fitted with lead ropes which are provided to guide a horse in a specific direction by applying pressure. The handler tugs the rope signaling the horse to either move forward or backward.

What are the types of halters available?

There are three main kinds of halters. The rope halter is used for training horses. There are knots tied in specific areas of the horse’s head that have pressure points. The pressure points are the pole, nose and jaw line. The pressure applied on these areas ensures that the horse responds well to training.

The other types of halters include show halters that are usually very pretty and feature a mesh of straps. Regular halters are made from nylon or leather and are ideal for daily use.

What are the parameters for selecting a good horse halter?

There are several factors to consider when selecting a horse halter for your horse. You must choose a halter that fits the horse perfectly and must be made of a material which is sturdy and comfortable. In addition, remember the style and the material must not hurt or scare the animal.

Take the measurement of the horse head while purchasing the halter. There are different sizes of halters in the market. Most halters are adjustable but it is wise to have an idea about the size that will fit well since there are around four different sizes of halters available.

Halters must not be too tight or too loose. Halters that fit too tight will dig into a horse’s head causing discomfort while if it is loose then objects might get themselves lodged in the space between the head and straps.

The best way to select a halter is to ask the manufacturer to provide you with samples of different halters of varying sizes and try them out. You can also get halters customized in a particular design.