The advent of summer brings several challenges to horses and horse owners, one of them being the flies. These bugs snack on blood and can cause nasty bites. They also gather in the corner of horse’s eyes to drink the fluid –this can potentially cause infection as flies carry bacteria. The animal may also become agitated, trying to ward off the insects.

Grewal Equestrian has a range of summer stable essentials, including fly sheets, fly boots and fly masks, which you and your horse will love.

Fly Sheet

Fly sheets offer great insect protection for horses during the summer. Our line of fly sheets is made from polyester mesh or heavy PVC mesh for durability and is reasonably priced. These products work wonders for horses that break out in hives due to fly irritation. This soft and absorbent fabric wick horses’ sweat—the main attraction of flies. Some other salient features of our fly sheets are shoulder gusset with nylon lining, adjustable belly bands, twin chest straps and Sherpa withers. The fly sheets are available in several sizes; please measure your horse before ordering.

Fly Masks

Available in two variants: with or without ears, Fly Masks offer great protection against flies and sunburn. These masks are manufactured from smooth and breathable materials, and are designed for comfort and durability. The product features three hole caps for ears and forelock that provides stability, while the hook and loop closure hold the mask securely in place. It is also suitable for horses that have sensitive ears.

Fly Boots

Top of the line Grewal Natural Fly Boots are perfect summer tack essentials for horses to prevent them from stomping and protect their lower legs from irritating insects and bites. Their contoured design, refined hook and loop closures hold the boots securely, offering maximum comfort and protection.For maximum durability and functionality fly boots are manufactured from PVC mesh.

You will find a range of top notch products at Grewal Equestrian to care for your animal in the summer. Equestrian experts and horse enthusiastshand pick the products that we sell. Cent percent customer satisfaction is our mantra and that is why we also offer 100% Money Back Guarantee.