Proper grooming is necessary for your equine friend to stay healthy and be comfortable.At Gary Equestrian, we have a wide range of horse grooming tools that are durable yet highly functional and offer good value for money.

On our website, you can order a host of horse care products. Not to bore you, we are discussing just a few of them below.

Curry Brush

curry brush
Our Soft Rubber Face Curry brush is oval-shaped which is made from solid rubber and features soft bristles.These bristles are great for removing light dust and hairs from the horse’s face and other sensitive areas. This curry brush is an excellent option for thin-skinned or sensitive horses.

Super Groom Horse Brush

super groom

Use Grewal Equestrian Super Groom Horse Brush to remove dirt and dust from the coat of your horse. The product features soft filaments that are even capable of removing fine dust, shavings and hay. This hard plastic brush handle is durable, ergonomic, and easy to grip.

Rubber Horse Grooming Mitt

Rubber Horse Grooming Mitt

This mitt is an excellent choice to take care of your horse at shedding time and to scrub the animal during a bath. Available in attractive colors, the glove has a fingerless design that allows water to flow though the mitt without getting trapped inside.

Comfy Grooming Glove

Comfy Grooming Glove
Grewal Equestrian Comfy Grooming Glove has a dotted surface that is perfect to give your horse a gentle massage and provides a comforting action. You can use either your left or right hand to do this, as this product has been designed to fit either of the hands. Made up of rubber, use this mitt to remove shedding hair quickly and form lather during baths.

You will find many more high quality horse grooming products at our website Order today and we will make sure you have an unforgettable experience. Please note that equestrian experts and horse enthusiasts hand pick the products that we sell. We work tirelessly to provide unmatched customer satisfaction that is why we also offer 100% Money Back Guarantee.