Although evolution has bestowed horses with a natural insulating mechanism to withstand winter, they still need care from humans to live healthily during this period. Winter chills bring deadly respiratory infection with it; out of those, most common is pneumonia. The best way to protect your colt against these weather-specific diseases is to provide cozy horse blankets.

One-stop destination for different types of high-quality equestrian blankets is, where you can order them with a few clicks.

Below are some of the blankets that you can order from us to keep your equine friend warm and comfortable during this period:

Stable blanket: To keep your horses warm and cozy in stables during winter, use our heavy stable blankets which are finely designed and made with top-quality material. Their design allows vapor from moisture to disperse away from horse, helping to regulate sweating, which, if not taken care of, can start shivering in winter and can cause pulmonary infections. The blanket retains body heat and repels chills with its stress-points double sewn fabric with additional reinforcement, which helps prevent tears. A 300 gram fiber fill makes sure the insulation is optimum. For better fit, it has adjustable leg straps and double strap front.

Turnout blanket: To protect horses when they are in the open for show, pasturing, or ride in cold weather, we have heavy-duty turnout blankets. It is made from ballistic weave nylon to withstand daily wear and tear. The outer nylon lining also offers superior water and wind proofing properties. The fill is a 300-gram fiber, specially developed to protect your horse even in adverse conditions that winter brings. With great insulation, it also provides great flexibility.

Grewal Classic Fleece Cooler: To cool your horse down slowly after a strenuous workout during winters, use our Classic Fleece Cooler. It has been found that soft fleece wicks moisture in half the time of other fabrics, and looks elegant too. It is made with luxuriously soft material and still durable enough for everyday use. Our cooler is machine washable, and comes with quick grip fasteners, a tail rope cord, wave fleece banding and nickel-plated hardware.