A common topic among horse lovers is whether horses need blankets to keep them warm. Many argue horses are naturally conferred with the ability to tolerate harsh cold weather. The counter argument is that the human intervention has changed their natural mechanism. Although the first argument is true to some degree, the counter argument presents better insight. The perpetual breeding, change in habitats, diet, and grooming have produced a set of horses who on their own cannot live through severe winter. They need continuous care from their human friends, including blankets during bad weather, though sometimes, blankets are used for specific purposes, such as keeping horse’s hair short, and to provide an optimum body temperature after a strenuous workout.

However, blankets for horses are divided broadly into turnout and stable blankets. Both types are available at our website, grewalequestrian.com.

Turnout Blankets

As the name suggests, they are worn when horses turn out either for show, pasturing, or ride in severe weather. Different weather demands different blankets, which vary in thickness, fabric, with or without filling, and special patches such as tail cover. The common feature among all types of turnout blankets is durability as they are worn frequently, allowing unfettered movement. To impart this feature in our blankets, we use ballistic weave nylon to manufacture these blankets. Nylon provides great water and wind proofing attributes. A 300-gram fiber insulates horses from adverse winter, still making it light and flexible enough for unhindered movement of horses.

Stable Blankets

The purpose of these blankets is to provide warmness during winter to horses in the closed, regulated environment of a stable. It may seem that any blanket would do the job, however, horse lovers know the sweating pattern of horses and consequences it can have when not managed carefully. Caregivers have to make sure that stable blankets allow moisture vapor to wick away from horse. We have made sure that our specially designed blankets serve this purpose. Our blankets are durable; as they are doubly sewn at stress points and additional reinforcement are put into the design.