Some accessories that evolved with horse riding over the years have become style statements, especially the riding boots. With time, riding boots have also changed. The classic boots for riding were high enough to prevent the direct friction from the saddle, and had robust toe to provide enough protection. The most visually appealing element was the heal. It was high and helped prevent the foot from slipping through stirrup.

The boots based on the function further branched out. A number of different styles became the norm in different situations. For example, hunting boots had the structure running up to knees, protecting legs while riding in dense vegetation-full environment; similarly, for pleasure riding different boots came into existence. Most popular riding boots are Field boots and Paddock boots.

Field boots: As the name suggests, these boots were worn by military field officers. They have laces at the vamp to be accommodating and comfortable to different individuals, who use shorter stirrup for better clearance. They are a standard accessory for hunting and show jumping. However, with design especially suited for riding, they are not applicable to work conditions, making them highly uncomfortable to walk-in.

Paddock boots

Paddock boots: Designed to suit pleasure riding and everyday use, paddock boots have great functionality in comparison to other boots that developed over the time, for riding. They are ankle length, have an extra visual outer-layer on the toe and were originally designed to offer better protection. In fashion industry, they have become a rage, worn frequently with jeans and women even wear them with skirts.

These hugely popular boots can be ordered from The exclusive brand name Grewal Equestrian®, manufactures classic and starter boots. Boots for women comes with laces, and these leather uppers are made from full-grain leather. The leather is waterproof which makes it highly durable and utilitarian. The inner of boots is made from moisture wicking and breathable fabric, which provides comfort while riding. The other design available is the starter leather boot. They are styled with a punched toe cap. Unlike classic paddock boots, these synthetic boots  are easy to put on as they have elasticized gussets and a zippered front pocket.