Accessories That Protect Horses from Illnesses and Injuries

To protect your horse from extremities like cold weather, mites, fleas, dust and damp, you must have horse blankets at your disposal. There are various different types of jackets and rugs available in the market for horses. It goes without saying the quality and price vary a great deal.

What kind of jackets will your horse need?

The answer will clearly depend on a number of factors. For example, you must consider the weather patterns of your area before you procure a jacket. If you stay in a region that faces heavy rainfall you might consider buying jackets that are waterproof and flea-proof. Additionally, if you reside in an area where cold and slush are regular occurrences, then you ought to choose a jacket that provides good insulation to your treasured animals, made from breathable material. There are some companies like Grewal Equestrian that provide sturdy customized horse blankets that serve multiple purposes.

Types of Nosebands

The second most important accessory for your horse is the noseband. There are various different kinds of designs available for training purposes but again the selection of a particular noseband will depend on a couple of important factors. You can use a regular soft noseband if your horse is a well trained animal and can be easily controlled. There are two other kinds of popular nosebands the crank noseband and the flash nosebands for horses, of which the latter is used for horses that do show jumping. Crank nosebands are used on animals that need control but the design is unpopular and many trainers despise the fact that the buckle technology used in this type of nosebands can hurt the animal if it is strapped too tight.

Other than flash nosebands for horses, you can get drop noseband, figure eight noseband or the Hanoverian noseband. Combined and customized nosebands can also be ordered from manufacturers.


Protect your Horse with Winter Gear from Grewal Equestrian

In winters it is imperative for a rider to invest in good quality equestrian winter riding attire. Staying warm not only ensure riding comfort but also guarantees the safety of the rider and the horse. Similarly, it is important for riders to take care of their horse as well during the winter months. Don’t forget, your horse is dependent on you for protective clothing to keep warm and healthy. Most importantly, this will prevent your horse suffering from respiratory issues and joint problems.

There are numerous options available for the rider and horse that will keep you comfortable and warm during the winter season.

Selecting the Right Winter Attire for Riding

Horse riding cannot be done without using your hands and feet. Therefore, taking extra care of them is important in order to communicate with your horse. If your hands are too cold and frigid, then you might land up in a dangerous situation. Likewise, for your feet, if you are not able to feel the stirrup irons and have numb fingers, it would be difficult to hold onto the reins. Equestrian winter boots are strongly recommended when looking for equestrian riding gear. Make sure to look for boots that fit well and are easy to slip into.

Heavy Winter Wear for Horses

There’s no doubt that your horse needs the best possible protection in winter. In case, they spend most of their time outdoors, then a good quality padded blanket would be a good option. It is easy to find materials that are combined with breathable waterproof fabrics for comfort and convenience.

Every year, in order to make room for new inventory, many online retailers offer deep discounts on their products. If you are looking for a horse blanket for sale, you are sure to find many elegant, wool coated blankets to keep your horse warm. If you love horses, Grewal Equestrian is the place to shop for all your riding needs. Whether you need equestrian winter boots, grooming tools, bridle or turn out blankets, you will find them all at Grewal Equestrian’s online store.

Horse Riding – An Expensive Yet Interesting Hobby

A basic notion about riding a horse is, sit astride on the horse and gallop away. But this is not true. It requires a tremendous amount of training and focus to ride a horse. The training process involves acquiring knowledge, conditioning and the art of using riding equipment properly. For the most part, you cannot just decide one day and start riding. It requires a lot of thought since the costs involved with this hobby are high. When you have made up your mind and ready to sign up, you will need to purchase a list of items to train effectively and ride safely.

Seek Advice from the Trainer

Before you go looking for stallion riding wear, it would be prudent to speak with your trainer. The right riding clothing is essential for the training process to move smoothly. Most stables have an extensive list of items and are just the place where you will find information about the equipment required before beginning the lessons. Your trainer can likewise offer guidance about the best places to shop for the quality riding gear.

Recommended Riding Equipment

You will need to use certified riding equipment to improve your learning. If you are preparing for a particular kind of horse riding sport such as dressage you will need to wear well designed formal dressage attire. This includes a white shirt with stand up collar, Dressage riding boots, a dressage coat & a stock tie. Similarly you require protective headgear too. Since a good quality headgear can be expensive, purchasing an Equestrian Helmet Bag is strongly recommended.

Reputable Riding Companies

Once you are sure of what you have to purchase, you ought to search for genuine riding gear companies. Grewal Equestrian deals with horse riding equipments made out of top quality materials for years. Once you visit their online store you are sure to get the best quality attire. Purchasing from well known brands is the best way to ensure the quality and durability of the product.

Doesn’t matter if you are merely learning or riding in front of a crowd, looking good is essential and is sure to make you a confident rider.